Northern Flicker (Lauren Edman) is a composer and audio engineer based in North Carolina. Classically trained in voice, piano, and clarinet — and self-taught on guitar, banjo, dobro, and some other things – she usually gets anxious if she writes a song that sounds much like something she’s already written. Her album Rituals was not expected to happen. It was produced over the course of 2018-2019 following a three-year period of creative stagnation.

After Northern Flicker’s debut EP Reunion was quietly released in 2015, she wasn’t sure she would ever write music again. She thought maybe she should forget about it and dive into a sensible career of data analysis. But she became increasingly intrigued by the idea of people carrying on with life as usual in spite of everything. She found the act of writing music comforting. The songs on Rituals were written as a way of processing current events and our responses to them.

Aside from writing solo material, Edman has been a featured vocalist in projects by Sleepthief and Delta-S and performed live and recorded for a few years as the singer of Slow Motion Picture. Too much of a reclusive homebody to have ever gone on tour, she is grateful for the internet’s allowing her to release music despite herself.