Northern Flicker and Lauren Edman are one in the same. Lauren is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer. Probably best known for her collaboration with Sleepthief on the song “Afterthoughts,” she has been involved with various musical projects, among them recording and performing with shoegaze/dream pop band Slow Motion Picture (FKA For Every Story Untold) until 2014. She started making music as Northern Flicker that year.

Northern Flicker’s debut EP Reunion deals with the difficulty of changing one’s life and outlook long after severing ties with a troubled past. Reunion was written and recorded entirely as a solo project. Lauren’s shimmering acoustic/electronic production and sweet soprano voice add some buoyancy to these otherwise dark songs.

Lauren released her first solo album, It’s Always the Quiet One, under her own name in 2012. It’s an eclectic and freewheeling batch of songs that tackle the subject of navigating life as a quiet person who doesn’t feel all that quiet. Classically trained in voice, piano, and clarinet – and self-taught on guitar, banjo, dobro – Lauren creates a sound grounded in folk but sprinkled with touches of what she describes as “other stuff.”

Too much of a homebody to have ever gone on tour, she is grateful for the internet’s allowing her to publicly release music despite herself.